Benefits Of Fertile Soil For Humans And The Environment

Fertile soil is one of the elements in life that is very vital. Humans, animals, and plants really need fertile soil. Try to imagine if on this earth there is no fertile soil, plants will not grow, no automatic plants no oxygen produced, no oxygen, of course, there will be no life on this earth because all living things need oxygen. In addition to oxygen, fertile soil also affects water, the land greatly affects the water supply in human life because the soil is the main store of water on this earth. If there is no water, we can be sure that the continuity of our lives will not last long. Therefore, get the best hydromulching company near me on our website.

Please note that there is fertile land which is barren. What is meant by fertile soil here is the ability of soil with various nutrients in it to support plant growth or harvest throughout the year. So if the land can only be planted once, the land cannot be said to be fertile. There are so many benefits of fertile land for our lives, among others, will be explained in the following explanation.

1. Plants become healthy and fertile

Fertile soil provides essential nutrients for plants. With nutrient-rich soil, plants planted will grow healthy and well. With healthy plants, it can protect the environment from air pollution. In addition, plants, fruits, and vegetables that are planted in fertile soil will produce quality vegetables or fruit as well.

2. Break down dead organisms

Fertile soil will be faster in breaking down dead organisms than barren land. This happens because fertile soil contains elements that can accelerate the decomposition of the organism. The decomposed organisms will also increase soil fertility so that it can add to the benefits of other organisms and also preserve nature.

3. As a store of groundwater

Fertile soil will be more able to absorb water faster than infertile land. This happens because in fertile soil there is hummus. With this humus drainage is good. This is because of the nature of hollow topsoil so that the water absorbed into the soil will be more and faster. With good absorption capability, this will provide an adequate water supply for humans and other living things.

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