Dating Tips For You

To find out if you really match him, try asking questions about the things he cares about most: himself. This not only shows who he is but also keeps you away from selfish self-image (or just caring for yourself). Make sure you really listen to his words and respond accordingly. Some things you can ask on dating for hippies, including:

The school/university and the fields studied.
The siblings, children, or pets he might have.
His job
The hobby he likes.
Movies, television shows, musicians, books, and other art forms that he likes.

Don’t hesitate to seduce him. If everything seems to be going well, try seducing it to find out the reaction! Start by throwing a small compliment or teasing it a little. If he responds positively, try to skip the boundary of touch by placing your hand on his arm or shoulder. If he shows signs of discomfort, stop immediately. If you touch it too far or too fast, it is possible that he will be surprised and feel scared, or at least feel uncomfortable. Some other simple seduction techniques, including:

Smile to your partner.
Stare into his eyes as he speaks.
Laughing when you hear the joke, even if the joke isn’t so funny.
Open your position or way of behaving so that you appear friendly and approachable.

Offer to treat it. Determining who treats food/attractions when dating is usually the hardest part. In general, the rule is that the person who invites a date is the one who usually needs to treat his partner. However, for the sake of politeness, offer to pay bills. If he rejects it, offer to share costs and pay your share. He may still refuse, but at least by offering, you show that you don’t just want to get free food. Even though people have hopes that men must pay for everything, gender norms like this are not considered common among the younger generation.

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