Don’t Stay Away From Suffers, Because They Need Us!

A bipolar sufferer according to iowasca usually has enormous energy so that he can do things quickly, even though he lacks sleep, his energy is still a lot. Usually, they have an unusual way of speaking, if they are in the manic phase they will talk very quickly and if they are in the depression phase they will close their mouth tightly and only cry. These sufferers will usually experience a manic and depression phase at certain intervals. The depression phase is filled with confinement, lamenting fate, and usually, the memory will flashback to a time when he experienced pain that cannot be forgotten. While the manic phase, the sufferer will use his energy for things he likes, for example, shopping or walking without calculating the budget he has.

If you are required to take medicine, never forget or intentionally not take medication because the drug can inhibit excessive brain activity so you have enough time to rest. If someone is cured without medication, believe me not all can recover without medication. There are people who are indeed difficult to master themselves. So do not underestimate a prescription for all doses and not just taken out. A sentence that is a bit of a horror for humans in general, faces reality. It’s not easy to face the fact that we have a problem or we are diagnosed by a doctor with an illness. In people with bipolar disorder, they will recur bipolar when they have a lighter event that they don’t want to face.

Sometimes a trivial thing if left unchecked will increase, right? Accepting the bitter reality sometimes becomes its own cure for all diseases. From that point, we will start to fix ourselves (if we want) and fix what is wrong so that nothing similar will happen or repeat the same pattern of errors. Bipolar is usually suffered by geniuses, it can be said that this is the same gift and test that God gave to His servants.

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