Ethics for fellow golfers

Golf is all about friendship and associating with people who play with you. Follow these ethical steps, you will always have someone to play golf with you. Apart from that, you might also need to check out the recommended bangkok golf course too.

1. When your punch fails, do not then swear with dirty words, slamming sticks, it tests the ability of your flight hours. Your partners try to enjoy their day, even if you don’t. Losing the peace of play means you are less cool in the game.

2. Don’t scream and do stupid things if you play fails – other people might be concentrating on playing around you.

3. If your group is from getting left behind by the group before you, and there’s actually another group behind, then it’d be nice if you let them play ahead before your group. The two-ball group has priority in the field over all other players. If you allow them then let them through – someone will return the favor to you one day.

4. If you are looking for a missing ball, you have 5 minutes to find it. If there are other groups behind, let them through when you look for the ball instead of holding them.

5. If you meet with a group playing in an official club match or competition while you don’t, you have to let them through regardless of the situation ahead.

6. If you are preparing, do not hit your ball in the group in front to speed up pressing them, even if they deserve it.

7. If playing in the four-ball ball is better it is usual to change the tee off sequence between you and your partner on tee 10.

8. When playing foursome, couples who don’t – play must walk ahead in anticipation of the blows their partners play. This is intended to make the game move quickly!

9. After your game round is finished, shake hands with your partner, “Your game is good, hopefully, it’s better for the next, etc.”, and release the hat like you usually do. That’s all about the rules of golf that are not written.

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