Follow These Two Guidelines For Consuming Alcohol Safely

For those who are adults, actually consuming wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages is indeed not prohibited and will not make them suffer from an illness. However, what you must know is how much you consume. If consumed in large quantities it will cause some adverse effects on the body, especially in the brain system. So, choosing alcohol rehab centers is something you should do when you feel that you are addicted to alcohol.

If you do not want to consume alcohol and cause adverse effects, there are some guidelines for consuming alcohol safely.

1. Drink the right amount
Everything that is excessive is certainly not good. According to a number of studies and health agencies around the world, men and women should not consume more than fourteen units of alcohol a week.
However, these fourteen units may not be taken at once in one day. Give a break of two to three days where you don’t consume alcohol at all.
One unit of alcohol itself is roughly equivalent to the following dose.
240 – 280 ml (one glass of star fruit or a large half glass) beer with an alcohol content of 3-4 percent.
50 ml of wine or sake with alcohol content 12-20 percent.
25 ml of liquor such as whiskey, scotch, gin, vodka and tequila with 40 percent alcohol content.

2. Eat first before consuming alcohol
Eat before drinking
Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach will make you get drunk faster. In addition, your liver must also work much harder to process alcohol in your body. Therefore, you should eat before you drink any type of alcohol.
By eating before drinking, alcohol will not be absorbed too quickly into the blood, brain, and other organs such as the liver. This is because your food will slow down the process of absorption of alcohol in the body.

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