Get to know some of the right steps to protect your account from hacker attacks

At present, any account that you will make on the internet does require you to fill in some personal information such as biodata and so on. However, what you need to know is that you must maintain and secure the various confidential data that you have there multi factor authentication . then, log me once will help you in that matter. Because you need to know that passwords alone won’t be enough to protect your account from a variety of sophisticated hackers.

But it turns out, there are several ways you can do to secure your account from various crimes that can occur such as data theft. Some ways you can do it are

1. Use a password manager
Of course, you already know that changing passwords regularly is the simple way to protect all of your information.
However, making new combinations all the time is annoying. The ends can even forget the password. For that, using a password manager can be the solution. Now it’s up to you, want to manually manage passwords or use a password manager.

2. Protect all your accounts with two-step verification
For some people, it might be very easy to steal the password you use. By using 2-step verification, additional code is needed to be sent to your mobile number.
So, it can keep you from bad people even though they have your password. Imagine if you lost access to your account and lost everything in it. Don’t let that happen.

3. Use the right search engine
Two out of three people in the world use the Internet in their daily lives. Starting from just browsing to finding strange information. You should know that every time you browse any website, IP and MAC Address (Media Access Control Address) will be recorded to the site so that they can easily track your activities on the Internet. One solution to protect the dangers of the Internet is to always be anonymous. Because a lot of sites have illegal activities, which can track and spy on you.

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