If You Meet These Characteristics, That Means You Have Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is one sign that someone takes care of his appearance properly. Hair is one standard for someone to have an attractive appearance, as well as supporting one’s physical appearance. Men and women who have healthy hair will look more attractive. Various hair models are now easy to find on the internet to add someone’s personality to look unique. One website that provides a complete reference to hairstyles is Black Health and Wealth.

Caring for hair to stay healthy and strong is mandatory. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the standard of healthy hair. Regular shampooing is not enough, there are still a series of treatments to get healthy hair. Here we provide brief information about the characteristics of healthy hair:

– Hair is not easily broken
Apart from hair loss, broken hair problems are also very common. Fragile hair is usually caused by damaged hair culms that become brittle and break easily when touched or combed. Just like hair loss, a small amount of broken hair is also normal, but if you easily find your broken hair in various corners of your home. This might indicate that you are experiencing hair damage.

– Hair elasticity is maintained
Just like skin, hair also has elasticity. One characteristic of healthy hair is its elasticity is maintained. Generally, the elasticity of the hair will also be maintained if the moisture of the hair and the health of the hair cuticles are maintained. Elastic hair is characterized by manageable hair. If you pull the hair, then the hair will immediately return to its original position. The elasticity of the hair has decreased will make the hair potentially to get other hair problems.

– Don’t sink in the water
How to know healthy hair or not can also be through a test using water. The trick is to put one strand of our hair on a container filled with water. If the hair is floating, the sign is healthy hair. But if the hair sinks in the water, the sign is that the hair is damaged. Damaged hair, the cuticle will open so that the hair can absorb water and eventually sink.

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