Researching locations for starting a lodging business

Before building an inn, you need to do research first on the target/market you want to go to. You can target office workers, school students, students, or travelers. However, if you’re not ready to open your own inn and want to work at other’s lodging business, just take a look at the recommended hotel careers.

If you are targeting a traveler, make sure that the location you have is close to the tourist area and visited by many travelers. While if you have a place close to school or campus, providing boarding or rented property will be very profitable. Because students or students from outside the city or region will look for a place to live near a school or campus.

After determining the target market that you want to target, the next step is location hunting (for those who do not have a land/location). Preferably, don’t rush into buying property, still consider the price and location chosen must be strategic.

Always adjust your choices to the market you want to go. Try as much as possible to find landowners who are in need of money. Most likely he will sell it at a low price.

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