The Most Influential Elements of Web Design

These points are central to the art of designing. The purpose of designing is to get people interested. And, in designing the blog, draw the hearts of visitors with your incredible design. If you do not understand or need professional help, you can contact Website Design Delray Beach.

The following are the 3 most influential elements of web design:

– Images & Icons

Although there is already a CSS code for design manipulation, never underestimate the image !.
The imageless design is like a vegetable without salt. A cool picture will make your visitors feel at home. The problem may be in the drawing. I know, not everyone can draw let alone use the computer. But there’s always a way out in every problem. Now it’s been a lot of blogs that discuss graphic design. What about icons? Just write the keyword “Download Iconset for web” on google. You’ll find hundreds of icon website providers who make their icons fun.

– Color

The color strength is undoubtedly in the design. Selection and color combinations can produce great designs. My advice, use bright colors for your blog design. Also, Distinguish certain text in an article with color. The eyes of the visitors will be entertained with this. But remember, do not wear colors that look tacky. Do Research on hexadecimal codes or red green blue (RGB) color combinations to find cool colors.

– Fonts

Fonts have an important position in making visitors comfortable while reading something on your blog. Use catchy fonts mainly in the text section Call to action, content head, and paragraphs of your content. Visit the Google Font service to find cool fonts. Things to consider in designing fonts with CSS code are on Line Height properties, font-family, and font-size. For line-height, use a minimum size of 1.3 for content (line-height: 1.3;). Font family is the type of font you use. And for font-size, use a minimum size of 15px for content (font-size: 15px;). Note also the font color. My recommendation is to use the color code # 333 – # 777 (Grayscale) for the content font. The font with black color that is too strong in my opinion less catchy.

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