These are the two movies that most favored by men

Many people prefer to watch a movie on their holiday to fill in their spare time. No wonder because now there are many genres of films that can be enjoyed. However, everyone will read the review first when they will watch the film. In ShowBox you can read reviews and look for other important information from the film.

However, it turns out that there are some films that are most liked by men. What are the films? Check here.

1. As many as 73 percents of men like movies with the action genre
It’s no wonder if there are many men who prefer action films compared to other drama or film films. This is because they like the tension and challenges that usually exist in this genre of film.

2. Comedy
Not infrequently there are many men who like this genre of films because they can entertain them and let go of all the fatigue they are feeling. Films with this genre even rank first as a film favored by men.

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