Things You Must Know Before You Start The First Day Of Work

You might think that job interviews are difficult. It feels like taking a very difficult exam, to the point where you have to prepare a few days (or even weeks) beforehand. You do in-depth research about the company you are aiming for. That’s why you can get the position you hold now right. In the meantime, you may also try the job centre online to find a job quickly.

Well, John advises you not to stop doing that after getting a position in a new office. “However, still ‘explore’ more information about the company and your work. Find out about the problems the company is facing, as well as opportunities that might be offered for future career development.”

It is also important to know who are the main “players” in your company. “Who will be the decision maker about your future in the company? Find people who can make your work easier, or can make it like living in ‘hell’.” Also find out who can give you information about the company. Remember, knowledge is power darling.

What you should do too, know who will be your partner in the future. Especially important people who are in the HRD, IT, and finance divisions.

Aside from that, try to listen and learn. If you want to give a good impression in a new office, you must be able to show that you are someone who is adaptable. In fact, this is what your boss hopes for. So, it’s important to know how to work in the office.

“Learn from colleagues. Sometimes it feels boring when you have to adjust to the way the office works, but this will ensure you avoid problems in the early weeks of work. And, show your ability to learn quickly.”

Your strategy is listening, learning, and asking intelligent questions. Pay attention and imitate the nature and habits that are valued by those who work in your office. It could be someone who is an initiative or maybe someone who can be relied upon.

Plus, it’s also a good idea to know what things can show that you can give extra dedication. So, you can do something that is able to show that you can give commitment and performance above the average.

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