Tips for burning your fat with rope skipping

Before making a jump, first, condition the length of the rope with your height. If you feel that your body is not satisfying, you can exercise to increase your height and be balanced by consuming various kinds of vegetables to increase your height so that the results are maximum and satisfying. On the other hand, you may go to and find high-quality jump ropes online.

The way to jump rope is right and correct, namely:

Stand in the middle of the rope, then stretch the handle of the strap towards the armpit. The length of the two straps must be armpit sempai.

If the handle actually passes through the armpit, immediately shorten and adjust the length.

Jumping on the Slippery Floor

Why do you have to jump on a slippery floor, isn’t it dangerous? No, it is precisely this to prepare your body for the lower impact. But that doesn’t mean you have to jump on a floor that is soaked with water, because it’s very dangerous.

The purpose of the statement is that you should not do jump rope on hard surfaces such as cement, concrete blocks, bricks, and the like because it will burden your knees and are prone to injury. Not only can you lose weight, but there are also still many benefits of jumping rope for women to get, as well as men.

Basic Jump Training

The first jump style that should be done is a simple movement first as a warm-up. You can do the basic jump as follows:

Hold the rope at the level of your pelvis and bend your elbows. Then make sure that the upper arms are close to the sides of the body and pull the shoulders back and down to puff up the chest.

Start jumping with a height of 2-5 cm from the floor and land with the base of your toes

After that, place your elbows exactly close to both sides of the body when turning the rope. The movement starts with the wrist and lower arm, not from the shoulder. Make a round with a width no larger than 5 cm, because if more than that means you jump higher. Then, don’t forget the warm-ups and do 10-15 minutes basic jumps.

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